Kettlebell  Social Bootcamp

Bonnie is certified by The Kettlebell Training Academy as a Kettlebell Trainer Specialist.

Kettlebells originated in Russia and have been around for over 300 years.  Kettlebell training is a fun and effective tool for increasing muscle strength, connective tissue, core stability and cardiovascular capacity.   You will gain strength, burn fat, improve balance, increase your flexibility, build unbelievable solid core strength and improve your body’s coordination and bone strength.   


Kettlebell training is good for all fitness levels.  If you are short on time (who isn’t these days) and need an effective workout that will make you stronger in a short amount of time, come try it out! sessions are held in the Braefoot / McKenzie area.  contact us for more info

The classes are small groups so as to keep them safe and allow some time for individual attention.  They are great fun - a non intimidating, very supportive group of people!  The kbell socials are lots of fun too. 

Here is what some of the participants say about the classes:

  Hi Bonnie!

have to say, I LOVED today's class and I love that I can see a transformation in my legs....something that as you know I have ALWAYS struggled with and have also been very self-conscious about. I see the difference already in such a short time and just had to say thank you.  I'm glad that email popped into my mailbox that day!

Have a great night!


Last January, upon the invitation of a friend, I attended one of Bonnie’s kettle bell classes.  Bonnie's professional, no nonsense, calm and friendly approach to her instruction made me feel immediately at ease and as though I was in excellent hands.  Bonnie very quickly assessed my level of fitness and readiness for class and instructed me accordingly.  After the first class I was hooked and have carried on with kettle bell classes for several months. I feel much more fit, stronger and have noticed a marked change in the appearance of my body in general. My muscle tone is much improved and I am considerably stronger than when I began classes.  My husband has been so impressed with the results, my improved health and wellness that he has started taking classes with me.  Albeit he has only been attending for a couple of months, I have noticed a difference in his physique and he is enjoying the workouts immensely!  We highly recommend Bonnie's kettle bell classes for anyone at any level of fitness. 
Nicole and Tim 2015-08-23

I've been very focused these past many years on raising my four kids and working full time.  It just hasn't been easy to find the time (and energy) to focus on my personal health.  My sister encouraged me to give Bonnie's classes a try.  I'm so glad I did.  The classes are so relaxed and fun that I look forward to seeing everyone almost as much as I look forward to the workout.  And, my strength and fitness has improved beyond my expectations.  I turned 50 this year and know that this is the time to get in shape.  Thanks Bonnie! 

Exercise has been a big part of my life and I've tried many different programs. I find Bonnie's kettle bell workouts to deliver the best results.  Bonnie is very conscious of ensuring our form is correct so that we prevent injury and can attain the results we're looking for.  Bonnie also creates a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes these classes a much looked forward to part of my week.  I struggle with some chronic health challenges and old injuries and I really appreciate how the kettle bell classes are helping me to optimize my health.  Thank you Bonnie! Erik

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