Jan 2019 deal

“Commit, get fit, and stay fit" plan for 2019 with Bonnie

I’m offering this deal until the end of January 2019.  120 sessions - 80 instructed one on one, 40 program provided, for 5000.00

This is a year long program, one on one sessions twice a week, and one session to be done on your own (program provided).  The deal is that you have to commit to the 3 sessions a week. The month of August is off and a few weeks around Christmas holidays and Spring break (at home program provided but no studio sessions). 

For this deal a contract will be signed as I want to make sure you are successful in your wellness and meeting your goals and part of that is commitment and follow through. 

For this deal please click the link.   Sign up is 2500.00 covering the first 6 months with the remainder of 2500.00 plus gst on the June 1st 2019.  

heres the link to take this challange 

Jan 2019 take the challange and commit

Any questions please do feel free to contact me. 

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