A bit about Bonnie

Bonnie has always been active with her pinnacle being three time Canadian track cycling champion, thus she knows how to push to reach goals.  She also underwent extensive reconstructive spine surgery so recognizes and understands the importance of proper rehab to get one self back to active function and fun. She specializes in functional movement and educating clients how to move in a safe manner throughout the activities of life’s physical demands. Bonnie has over 25 years of experience in this field.


Bachelor of Physical Education from UBC

Post Rehab Specialist - AAHFP

Medical Exercise Specialist - AAHFP

Scientific Back Training - CHEK Certified

Scientific Core Conditioning - CHEK Certified

Kettlebell Trainer Specialist - Kettlebell Training Academy

Scientific Shoulder Conditioning - CHEK Certified

Healing Fungal and Paracite Infections - CHEK Institute (in course currently) 

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