Focus Sports Rehab & Personal Training


Focus Sports is committed to addressing your aches and pains and getting you back on track!  With well over 16 years of experience dealing with injuries of all kinds, knowing how to apply functional exercises that address the area of concern to bring about better than normal stability, flexibility, balance and functional strength is our speciality.  

If you are looking to improve fitness, lose weight and do so safely with out creating injury, you have come to the right place!  Multi plane, multi joint exercises challenge your strength, core, balance, flexibility and endurance. Because numerous muscles are used per exercise this means increased caloric expenditure and decreased body fat equating to a healthier, stronger body that feels “good in its skin” and can do most everything! 

Focus Sports will teach you how to move correctly and safely so you can work out confidently in whatever environment you chose. 

We look forward to assisting you to reaching your goals. 


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